Student Success Stories

Meet the teens and young adults making a difference for La Charla


Tamara, Class of 2015

Tamara is one of the original La Charla leaders. She is in her third year of nursing school and volunteers in her free time as a community health worker in her village of Troilo. Tamara also participates on our Community Advisory Committee to help La Charla find ways to continually improve.


Kelvin, Class of 2016

Kelvin is part of the second La Charla graduating class. His scholarship allows him to study English at the university in Leon on weekends while he works as an English teacher at his old high school in Troilo. He is also a founding member of our Community Advisory Committee and serves as a mentor for current La Charla leaders.


Milena, Class of 2018

Milena is a current La Charla leader and is expected to graduate November 2018. She has worked with the La Charla team for the past two years and has served as a mentor for many of her fellow students. She most enjoys teaching her peers about empowerment and goal-setting. If you would like to sponsor Milena, please click  “Donate.”


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